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Swiff Chart

Swiff Chart lets you create Eye-Catching Animated Charts in Adobe Flash™ format. Paste your data from a speadsheet or import a formatted text file, choose a predefined Chart Style, adjust parameters and instantly export your animated Chart as a Adobe Flash™ movie.

Swiff Chart 3 Professional Edition

Specifically designed to address the very needs of professional users, Swiff Chart Professional Edition includes a complete built-in annotation system to produce/enhance/highlight advanced charts.

In order to maximize productivity, data series can be imported from a Microsoft Excel WorkSheet. The produced chart can then be directly exported into a Microsoft PowerPoint Slide or Presentation.

This edition also includes additional professional export features like Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format), SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and SVGZ (Compressed Scalable Vector Graphics).

Swiff Chart 3 Standard Edition

The Standard edition offers all the capabilities of the powerful Swiff Chart engine to create your charts in Adobe Flash.

Instant Data Import

It's easy to import your data to create the chart you want. Just copy the data from your favorite spreadsheet and paste them directly into Swiff Chart. You can also import your data from a simple text file and choose the desired data delimitors (tab, space, comma, etc.). Swiff Chart also integrates a simple spreadsheet for quick data values modifications.

Wide range of output formats

From a simple image file to a rich animated Adobe Flash™ movie or Adobe PDF document, Swiff Chart offers a large choice of output formats to best meet your requirements.

High-impact graphic styles

Use Drop Shadow, Outer Glow and Stroke to highlight your charts. Individually apply complex Gradient fill to almost all the various chart elements (axis, gridlines, column, etc.). Individually apply and synchronize complex animations to all the chart elements. Save your creation as a Chart Style and include it in your own style library for future use.

Enhance your PowerPoint Presentations

Use ShowRoom to incorporate your Flash Charts into your PowerPoint presentations.
ShowRoom is the premier Microsoft Powerpoint Add In for inserting and playing Flash movies in Microsoft Powerpoint presentations. Read more about ShowRoom for PowerPoint.

Maximize productivity

Swiff Chart has been designed to maximize your productivity while preserving creative freedom. You no more need to spend hours to manually animate a complex chart that contains high amount of data.

Paste your data from a spreadsheet or import them from a formatted text file. Apply a predefined Chart Style and save your own one. Adjust the parameters with instant visual feedback. Use the Toolbar buttons to quickly access and tune the chart layout.