About ShowRoom for PowerPoint

Swiff Player Editions vs Standard Flash Player ActiveX

The table below enumerates the main features offered by the 3 Swiff Player Editions for ShowRoom. In addition, it allows you to precisely identify what makes Swiff Player for ShowRoom so different from the Standard Flash Player ActiveX in the context of a PowerPoint presentation.

Standard Flash
Swiff Player
Swiff Player
Swiff Player
Audience All All All Professional Flash
and Flex developers
No PowerPoint ActiveX Security Warning   x x x
Support PowerPoint slide navigation (Flash properly restarts when you enter or re-enter a slide)   x x x
Control Poster Picture: generate, edit or replace (necessary for printing your presentations)   x x x
Hide the Poster Picture during the Slide Show   x x x
Insert transparent Flash animations     x x
Enable Flash hardware acceleration     x x
Integrates with PowerPoint Animation Timeline via native PowerPoint Effects     x x
Easily specify Flash Vars x (not easy)   x x
Prevent the Flash from stealing the focus during the Slide Show     x x
Access PowerPoint API with ActionScript: jump to any slide, execute next or previous effect, etc.       x
Receive PowerPoint effects in ActionScript       x
Access and change the background bitmap behind the Flash shape during the Slide Show       x
Go back to the previously visited slide from ActionScript       x
Access the visited slide history during the Slide Show in ActionScript       x