About ShowRoom for PowerPoint

Live Web Pages seamlessly integrated into your Presentation.

Internet Explorer for ShowRoom is an add-on that enables you to easily insert a live web page into your PowerPoint presentation. Internet Explorer for ShowRoom comes with a set of features that let you precisely control how and when your live web pages is displayed in your presentation. It also offers a wide range of visual styling options to manage the way live web pages are running inside your presentation.

In place, Full screen or Framed Running Modes

The web page can be displayed into your slide, at the place you choose. Click on it to play, or start it using a custom animation effect. You can also run your web page in various full screen modes using built-in layouts. The Black Frame layout incorporates the web page in a transparent black overlay frame while keeping your slide visible in the background. The Entire Screen layout runs the web page in full screen mode.

Integrates with PowerPoint Animation Timeline

You can run your live web page in three ways:

  • it can start immediately when you enter the Slide,
  • or it can be started when you click on it, like a video,
  • or a PowerPoint effect can start it.

Dynamic Poster Generation

When the Web Page is first inserted, a poster Picture is automatically generated (the Poster picture is the picture displayed when the presentation is printed). It can be generated again later, from a scrolled view of the web page. You can also decide not to display the web page from the Internet during the slide show, and dispay only the Poster picture.

The web page will not steal your keyboard or remote

ShowRoom can prevent the web page from stealing the focus during the slide show. This enables you to display any web page and be sure your keyboard will still control your slide show. Remote controls actions will not be disabled too.

Full Screen and Auto Scroll

The web page can also be displayed in full screen mode with a nice presentation animation. In this mode, it can be automatically scrolled down and up, using the standard PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts or using a standard remote control. No need to use the mouse and scroll bars

Feature List

  • Show or hide scroll bars of the page
  • Enable or disable Internet Explorer context menu
  • Prevent the web page from stealing the focus during the slide show
  • Use a fade-in to make it appear
  • Start the web page immediately, or click to play, or play with a PowerPoint effect
  • Show the web page in full screen over the slide or inside the slide
  • Display the poster picture or not during the slide show
  • Preload the web page during the slide show, before it is displayed
  • Automatically scroll down and up the web page with a PowerPoint Remote
  • Compatible with standard PowerPoint Remotes
  • Show an image to remove the need of Internet to display the page