Forces caching to be used or not.

object.UseCache use_cache 


Required. A Chart object.
Required. A boolean value specifying if caching should be used or not.


Chart Caching is always used when the following methods are called to generate the chart: GetHTMLTag and GetOutputLocation. Therefore using UseCache before calling one of these methods has no effect.

However, you may want to use chart caching when generating charts through other methods.

This method overrides the Force Use Cache parameter value in the Swiff Chart Generator Control Panel as well as in the swfchart.ini configuration file

VBScript Sample Code

The following VBScript code illustrates use of the UseCache method.

'Create the chart series
chart.LoadStyle "C:\myStyle.scs"

'Please use chart caching
chart.UseCache true

'We can now generate the movie, using the cache. 
Response.Write chart.GetHTMLTag

See Also

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Applies To: Chart Object