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SWF Extractor

 Version 2.4
 For Windows Vista/XP/2000

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What is SWF Extractor?

SWF Extractor lets you extract all the Images and Sounds resources from any Adobe Flash™ movie file also known as SWF file (.swf file extension). Image resources are extracted as JPEG or PNG Image files. Sound resources are extracted as MP3 or WAV audio files. Both image and sound extracted resources are restored exactly "as is" without any compression.

   The "Detailed List" view mode

Seamless Windows Integration

SWF Extractor includes tight integration in Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer. Drag and drop to or from Explorer, or directly launch SWF Extractor from Explorer.

   Quickly access commands with the main Toolbar

Flash Versions 4 to 9 support

SWF Extractor fully supports Adobe Flash™ 4 and higher files. You can extract any type of resources that can be stored into a Adobe Flash™ movie including MP3, ADPCM and WAVE sounds, JPEG, JPEG Alpha, RAW and RAW Alpha images.

Full Image and Sound Preview

With a simple click SWF Extractor lets preview any image or sound resources from your SWF File directly from SWF Extractor, without having to launch any external application! Use the Thumbnail view mode to instantly visualize all the images and sounds included into your SWF File.

   The "Thumbnail" view mode

Extremely Easy to Use !

SWF Extractor is extremely easy to use ! To open a SWF File simply drag and drop it onto SWF Extractor, or use the standard Open dialog box. To extract a sound or an image simply drag and drop it onto Windows Explorer or any other application.

   Instant sound playback and image preview