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  • Swiff Chart 4.1
    Create Eye-Catching Animated Charts in Adobe Flash™ format. Paste your data from a speadsheet or import a formatted text file, choose a predefined Chart Style, adjust parameters and instantly export your animated Chart in Adobe Flash™ format (SWF file).

    Version: 4.1

    Size: 2.1 MB

  • Swiff Chart Generator 4.1
    Dynamically serve eye-catching animated charts with ASP.NET, PHP and JSP. Query data from a database, apply your own style template created with the Swiff Chart authoring tool and instantly generate high-impact charts in Adobe Flash™ format, PNG/JPG format and SVG/PDF format. Available on Windows and Unix systems.

    Version: 4.1

    Size: 2.4 MB

  • SWF Extractor 2.4
    SWF Extractor lets you extract all Images and Sounds resources from any Adobe Flash™ movie (even protected one). Image resources are extracted as JPEG or PNG Image files. Sound resources are extracted as MP3 or WAV audio files.

    Version: 2.4

    Size: 707.3 KB

  • ShowRoom 2.1
    ShowRoom is a PowerPoint Add-In that lets you enhance your presentations. With ShowRoom, you can easily insert YouTube Videos, MP4 Videos, FLV Videos and Flash Files in your slides. No more ActiveX headaches. Fast and reliable, ShowRoom does everything for you — in style.

    Version: 2.1

    Size: 3.9 MB

  • Swiff Saver 2.4
    Create Adobe Flash™ Screensavers packaged into professional Windows Installer Setups. Simply import your Flash animation into Swiff Saver, follow the various steps to customize your own Installer and instantly generate the Setup program that will install and uninstall your Flash screensaver.

    Version: 2.4

    Size: 1.7 MB

  • Swiff Player 1.7.2
    Swiff Player is a FREE stand-alone player that enables Flash users to quickly play their Flash movies. Swiff Player offers a variety of playback capabilities.

    Version: 1.7.2

    Size: 4.3 MB