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Swiff Chart Generator

Swiff Chart Generator is the server-side solution to dynamically serve eye-catching animated charts from ASP.NET forms, PHP scripts or JSP scripts. Query data from a database, apply your own style template created with the Swiff Chart authoring tool and instantly generates high-impact charts in SVG, JPG/PNG, Flash and PDF formats.


Swiff Chart Generator runs in Microsoft IIS and Apache Web Server for both Windows and UNIX platforms. Swiff Chart Generator works with ASP.NET (C# and Visual Basic), ASP, PHP and JSP, giving you the possibility to access any data source and generate dynamic charts for your web site applications.

Professional Quality Graphic Design

Swiff Chart Generator works in conjunction with the Swiff Chart authoring tool. Within Swiff Chart, design your own graphics styles with custom colors, gradients, animations, layout, and more. Save your style as a Swiff Chart Style file (.scs) and dynamically apply them on-the-fly to your server-side generated charts.

Multiple Data Sources

Swiff Chart Generator lets you dynamically create your charts using data from multiple data sources: Database query, Data specified in URLs, Simple text file with specified data delimitors (tab, space, comma, etc), Data specified in Strings, Data specified in Arrays.

High-Impact Graphic Styles

Use Drop Shadow, Outer Glow and Stroke to highlight your charts. Individually apply complex Gradient fill to almost all the various chart elements (axis, gridlines, column, etc.). Individually apply and synchronize complex animations to all the chart elements. Save your creation as a Chart Style and include it in your own style library for future use.

Wide Range of Output Formats

From a simple image file to a rich animated SVG animation or Flash movie, or even PDF document, Swiff Chart offers a large choice of output formats to best meet your requirements.

High Performance Chart Generation

Swiff Chart Generator is implemented as a COM Object on top of the Swiff Chart Engine, offering the best possible performance for your web servers.