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INFO: Multilanguage support in Swiff Chart and Swiff Chart Generator

The information in this article applies to:

  • Swiff Chart Generator 2
  • Swiff Chart Generator 3

Multilanguage support

1) Swiff Chart and Swiff Chart Generator do not fully support multilanguage characters, only the Unicode versions (listed in the next section) of these 2 products partially support multilanguage characters depending on the language.

2) Non-unicode versions of Swiff Chart and Swiff Chart Generator never support multilanguage characters.

3) In Unicode versions of Swiff Chart and Swiff Chart Generator, languages that require special formatting (character reordering, contextual shaping, etc.) such as Arabic, Hebrew or Hindi are not supported. However, languages that do not require special formatting and only unicode characters are supported.

The table below gives a list of know supported/unsupported languages.

Language Supported
English, French, German
(and most of the European languages)
Japanese, Korean
(and all languages that do not require any special formatting)
Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi
(and all languages that require special formatting)

Unicode support

The tables below give the detailed list of products and versions that supports Unicode characters.

Product Platform Languages Unicode Support
Swiff Chart Generator 3.xWindows FamilyASP/PHP/JSPYes
Swiff Chart Generator 3.xUnixPHPNo
Swiff Chart Generator 3.xUnixJSPYes
Swiff Chart Generator 2.xWindows NT/2000/XPASP/PHP/JSP/ColdFusionYes
Swiff Chart Generator 2.xWindows 9x/MeASP/PHP/JSP/ColdFusionNo
Swiff Chart Generator 2.xUnixPHP/JSP/ColdFusionNo

Product Platform Unicode Support
Swiff Chart 3.xWindows FamilyYes
Swiff Chart 2.xWindows NT/2000/XPYes
Swiff Chart 2.xWindows 9x/MeNo

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