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Swiff Chart Generator

Release Notes - Version 3.2

Charting Engine (applies to all versions of Swiff Chart and Swiff Chart Generator):
  • FIX: Area charts, created in Flash format, animated with a "Scale" animation, with one single value were crashing the engine.
  • FIX: Incorrect rendering problems when exporting 0/90/180/270 degrees shadows in Acrobat PDF format are solved.
  • FIX: Area charts, not stacked, with min/max values of an axis not including zero, data series including an empty value : this case was leading to a draw overflow.
  • FIX: Annotations containing a large amount of text could be displayed incorrectly.
  • FIX: Setting very small custom major/minor units was crashing the engine when large data values were used.
  • FIX: Area charts with drop lines could crash the engine.
  • FIX: Axis titles were not animated.
  • FIX: Transparent images are now correctly displayed in Flash format.
  • FIX: Blank charts containing only annotations were not properly displayed.
Swiff Chart Generator:
  • NEW: Method SetSeriesColor can be used to dynamically change the color of a series.
  • NEW: Method SetSeriesValueColor can be used to dynamically change the color of a single value of a series.
  • NEW: Method SetSeriesTrendColor can be used to dynamically change the color of a trendline.
  • NEW: Better directory permission management under Windows Server 2003.
  • NEW: Methods SetSeriesZValuesFromString and SetSeriesZValuesFromArray have been added to set Size values for Bubble charts
  • FIX: the method SetSeriesCaptionsFromArray was erroneous on PHP/Unix, JSP/Unix, JSP/Windows.
  • FIX: Under certain circumstances, Solaris/JSP version was generating a blank chart.
  • FIX: Under Windows, the help text displayed by the command line "swfchart.exe /h" was incorrectly printed.
  • FIX: the method SetHeight was not resizing the chart uniformly.
  • FIX: Under certain circumstances, the online activation is not possible. A "manual activation" link has been added to directly skip the automatic activation process.

Release Notes - Version 2.5.1

Swiff Chart Generator:
  • The methods GetJPGHTMLTag(), GetPNGHTMLTag(), ExportAsJPGResponse(), ExportAsPNGResponse(), ExportAsJPGBinary(), ExportAsPNGBinary(), ExportAsJPGFile(), ExportAsPNGFile() have been replaced by generic methods GetHTMLTag(), ExportAsResponse(), ExportAsBinary() and ExportAsFile(). Use the new SetOutputFormat() to choose the required format (default is SWF).
  • NEW: The new method GetOutputLocation() returns the URL of the generated cached chart, relatively to the web server root.
  • FIX: An issue preventing from correctly using the cache under ColdFusion has been fixed.

Release Notes - Version 2.5

Charting Engine (applies to Swiff Chart and Swiff Chart Generator):
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to a compatibility fix with Macromedia Flash 5/MX, the chart labels are now displayed around 10% larger.
  • NEW: Support of following fully localized formats: General, Number, Date, Time, Percentage, Scientific.
  • NEW: Value Labels format and Axis value format can now be specified separately.
  • NEW: a Line Chart can now be displayed in "Staircase", "Reversed Staircase", "Horizontal", "Vertical" style.
  • NEW: Small slices of a pie chart were generating labels overlapping. A new option called "Auto Layout Slices" allows the Charting Engine to automatically change the order of the slices in order to minimize this problem.
  • FIX: Slices colors of a pie chart are now rotating in an reserved way. Instead of {C1,C2,C3,C1,C2,C3,...}, the are not rotated as {C1,C2,C3,C2,C1,C2,C3,...}
  • FIX: The thousands separators was sometimes displayed as a square (no-break space). The problem was due to a bug in Swiff Chart or an incomplete TrueType font.
  • FIX: Legend is not displayed if data series have no title.
  • FIX: Gridlines were sometimes not displayed correctly when min/max values were speficied.
  • FIX: Axis min/max value fix for Time format
  • FIX: Major unit for Time format
Swiff Chart Generator:
  • NEW: Swiff Chart Generator Enterprise now integrates a full caching feature. The cache parameters can be specified in the Control Panel under Windows (or a .ini file under Unix). The Cache can significantly speed up the chart delivery, particularly when the chart is exported as JPEG or PNG format. It also simplifies the use of Swiff Chart Generator with ColdFusion.
  • NEW: Swiff Chart Generator is now able to export charts in JPEG and PNG formats. The JPEG quality and the PNG compression level can be speficied.
  • NEW: Long-awaited Unix versions of Swiff Chart Generator are ready and available. Generator runs under Solaris 8, Linux 2.2, Linux 2.4, FreeBSD 4.x. The stand-alone command line generator as well as the full PHP API is available.
  • NEW: a new SetLocaleInfo() method has been added. It allows you to specify the decimal separator as well as the thousands separator used for parsing values.
  • FIX: The batch generator (swfchart.exe) was sometimes dropping the Title parameter.
  • FIX: The batch generator (swfchart.exe) was sometimes dropping the /axis-cross option.
  • FIX: The batch generator (swfchart.exe) was sometimes dropping the /sub-title option.
  • FIX: With ASP/Javascript, specifying data values as Javascript arrays was leading to incorrect values if the decimal separator was a comma (',') and the thousands separator was a dot ('.').

Release Notes - Version 2.4

Charting Engine (applies to Swiff Chart and Swiff Chart Generator):
  • Support of Flash MX format: compress SWF files by 50% in average.
  • Memory Optimization: now uses far less memory (more than 60% less).
  • Performance Optimization: Swiff Chart Engine is 90% faster for generating static charts and 20% faster for generating animated charts.
  • Tick Marks support for Line and XY Charts
  • Value Labels support for Line and XY Charts.
  • Series Styles and colors now cycle through the values. Benefit: it allows a chart style designed for 2 series to be immediately and safely used for 5 series for instance. Same advantage for the Pie Chart slices style.
  • Axis labels have now their own format.
  • Axis title support.
  • The number of categories between labels and ticks can now be automatically determined.
  • XY Charts can now be drawn even only one data series is specified.
  • Fix: error when a subtitle was specified but no title.
  • Fix: axis labels are now drawn on top the chart itself.
  • Fix: labels of horizontal axis were sometimes drawn too tight.
  • Fix: small layout fixes in axis labels
  • Fix: incorrect horizontal axis of Bar Charts when a max value specified.
  • Fix: issue when dates specified as X values in a XY graph where the X axis has min/max values.
  • Fix: invalid labels of vertical axis of Bar charts when the number of categories between labels was specified.
  • Fix: nothing was drawn when one data series speficied with one single value.
  • Fix: gridlines were incorrect when a number of categories between ticks was speficied.
  • Fix: vertical gridlines in XY Charts were not correct
API Interface:
  • New SetAxisTitle() function.
  • New SetAxisMinValue() function.
  • New setCompressed() for Flash MX compressed output.
  • New integrer le ExportAsBinary function.
  • Improved ColdFusion testing.
  • New /VERSION option for swfchart.exe.
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