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ShowRoom for PowerPoint

ShowRoom is a PowerPoint Add-In that lets you enhance your presentations. With ShowRoom, you can easily insert YouTube Videos, MP4 Videos, FLV Videos, Flash Files and Web Images in your PowerPoint presentations. No more ActiveX headaches. Fast and reliable, ShowRoom does everything for you — in style.

Works in a snap

During the Slide Show, videos and animations are initialized and run in a snap — without the need of heavy components like Windows Media Player. Even large movies can be inserted or trimmed.

Fast and Reliable

ShowRoom is designed to be as lightweight and fast as possible. Furthermore, when an existing presentation is open, ShowRoom will check for components availability on the computer (e.g. Is the right version of Flash installed on this computer? ), as well as external files (e.g. Are these video files present on disk? ) to ensure you a confident show. If a problem is detected, ShowRoom helps you to fix it.


ShowRoom is small to download and installs in seconds. It integrates nicely with PowerPoint and does not contain any spyware. A paid license might be necessary to insert some types of contents (e.g. videos) in a presentation. However anyone will be able to display this presentation without any paid license.

ShowRoom works fine on Windows with:

  • PowerPoint 2010
  • PowerPoint 2007
  • PowerPoint 2003

Enhance your Presentations

Videos and animations can be played directly into your slides or in fullscreen mode. When run in fullscreen, several polished looks can be used to instantly enhance your presentations.

No more ActiveX headaches

Using ActiveX in presentations is an old-fashioned feature that nowadays raises many security alerts in PowerPoint. Moreover setting the right ActiveX parameters has become a headache and your slides will not show up if some ActiveX are missing or are not correctly installed.

ShowRoom does not insert any ActiveX in your slides and PowerPoint will not raise any security alert when you open existing presentations. Instead it inserts a standard image that could be correctly displayed and printed in all cases. If ShowRoom is not installed or if an external component is missing, ShowRoom will invite the user to download it to fully enjoy the presentation.

Furthermore, a nice and user-friendly user interface lets you customize your videos and animations.

PowerPoint Effects

Support for PowerPoint Effects lets you customize the animations of your slides and decide when to play your videos and animations.